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Why Speed Doesn’t Kill: Bad Drivers a Result of NO Government Training

27 Oct

Driving down the 401 in Toronto, you may have come across LED billboards over the highway. Chances are you may have seen one of a few key government messages as well “Speed Kills.” This is a very powerful message conjuring up flashes of NASCAR car wrecks and flaming automobiles strewn across the highway. This poweful message is also wrong.

Speed doesn’t kill. The country with the fastest highway in the world, Germany, has one of the lowest fatality rates on their Autobahn. Therefore speed doesn’t kill: If it did, the Autobahn would be a bloodbath.

Speed is also relative. Whereas 60 km/h  on a highway would be considered dangerously slow – In a school zone it would be just the opposite. Who says at what point someone is going too fast? How was that metric made?

Even if speed is a factor in an accident, this does not prove that speed is the cause of an accident. I could say that Ice Cream is consumed less in the winter because it is colder outside, but unless I test this hypothesis isolating all other potential factors, Ice Cream consumption could go down in the winter because there was a milk shortage and the retailers decided to raise their prices.

But I digress…

Others have postulated that the largest contributing factors to higher car wreck fatalities are drunk driving, poor weather conditions, old people, carelessness or simply not wearing a seatbelt. Strange enough, as I started combing through the available on-line results I found it increasingly difficult to find the reason I believe highway fatalities occur – “Bad Driver Training” due to improper government regulation… and I am usually for less regulation.

In Ontario, a new driver as young as 16 years old can write a multiple choice test and Voila! Here are the keys to your brand new Lambo (albeit with some restrictions). Does the government believe it is the responsibility of fellow drivers to teach new drivers how to drive? Contrast this with previously mentioned Germany, who has an extremely (in comparison) demanding licensing process, involving in-class and in-car training, night driving, highway driving, manoeuvring, and approximately $1,700 Euros. They even teach you how to drive in the snow! Wait, doesn’t Canada have that powdery stuff too? 🙂

Bottom line – If the Canadian government taught the Canadian people how to drive as in Germany, as opposed to relying on some sort of twisted game of driver training broken telephone, our roads would be less clogged, our headaches less severe, our time less wasted, and of course, we would see automobile accident related deaths plummet. Think about it the next time your government tells you why accidents happen. Or better yet, send an email to the Ontario Ministry of Transportation and ask them what they are doing to better train Ontarian drivers.

Do Monsanto’s CEOs Eat Genetically Modified Food?

24 Oct

Growing up, my father would tell me stories about how genetic modification was the way of the future. Not just for plants or animals, but for all humanity as we extended our home across the Universe. I understood and agreed with him. If we were to inhabit an alien world, modifying our genetic structure seemed logical and magical.

This may be why my father seemed dumbfounded when two weeks ago, I told him I was against our family eating any GMOs whatsoever. Let me explain…

It’s not that GMO food is bad, it’s why we are genetically modifying our food that counts.

To this day, the main reason we genetically engineer food is to provide that food with resistance to what would otherwise be a deadly dose of chemical poison, usually Glyphosphate (Better known as Roundup), a highly toxic herbicide which has been found to kill human cells. This resistance is achieved by mixing the DNA of certain bacteria with that of the target crop, allowing whole fields to be sprayed but only the weeds die off.

Special “terminator” strains of corn and soy have also been genetically modified to be sterile and die after one growing season, ensuring farmers falling under the tentacles of Monsanto continue to purchase seeds exclusively from them, year after year. About half of Monsanto’s over $10 billion annual revenue now comes from the sale of Roundup Ready products and GMO seeds.

If the GMO strains being used can withstand a higher dose of this chemical, does it mean farmers are using less of it? No. Approximately 100 million pounds of this poison are now used on American farms and lawns every year This number is sure to climb as recent studies show Roundup resistant superweeds are now a threat.

The fruits and vegetables that are sprayed with Roundup readily absorb it. These fruits and vegetables are then sent to supermarkets directly or refined into thousands of other products, until you and I ultimately purchase them, eat them, and feed them to our children. Remember, scientists have shown that this chemical kills human cells… Feel comfortable washing your food in the sink anymore?

With Proposition 37 in California underway, it has been interesting (and scary) to witness the grand lobby at its worst. Monsanto, Coca-Cola, Dupont, Bayer, Kelloggs, Campbells, Dole, Hersheys, Heinz, McCain, Nestle: the list goes on and on of companies opposing the right to know what is in the food we eat. As many of these opponents are well-educated it must be painstaking for some of them to stand against something as morally righteous as letting consumers know the source of their food. Some pundits have even gone so far as to claim there is no difference between Organic and “regular” food however while nutritional values may be the same, buying organic ensures you are not on the receiving end of a dose of Roundup herbicide (or antibiotics in the case of organic meat and eggs).

In Europe, Genetically Modified Food is labelled as such. The labels are not spectacular, they simply write that the source of a particular ingredient is genetically modified. That’s it. For example, whereas an American label would say “Vegetable Oil”, in Europe the same label would say “Vegetable Oil (Contains genetically modified Soybean Oil)”. Are you being led to believe that this is difficult to enact?

With the vote to take place November 6th, 2012, the opportunity to take our food back is now. My thoughts are with the people of California. I hope you can find the strength to do what is right, and demand proper food labeling for all.

To me, genetic modification is still the way of the future, but for now, we are a caveman playing with new-found fire in a very dry forest.

Welcome to the Information Revolution

21 Oct

Why TV Party?

Our politicians are corrupt. The ability to publicly promise to take an action, and then change direction behind closed doors, is the largest flaw of our current democratic system. The only way there will be true representation of the people, for the people, is by filming our politicians 24 hours a day. Every meeting, every lobbyist, every decision, every minute. Only then will we have true democracy… When we can see and hold our elected representatives accountable for their actions after the promises have been made.

Welcome to the Revolution…

Join me as I question the very fabric of our culture. Is the Republican/Democratic race free democracy in action or a left/right paradigm? Why is fluoride added to our water supply? Why is the sky riddled with criss-crossing clouds when, as a child, I have no memory of this phenomenon? Do secret groups control society? Was 9/11 an inside job? And so on and so forth. I will question everything, and use reason to determine how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Enjoy the Ride

Maybe you agree with me, maybe you don’t. That is the beauty of a truly free and democratic society. We all have the right to think, feel, and say anything we wish. And right now, I feel that enough is enough. Join me as I throw myself out into the public forum.

Join me as I look to the very top of the pyramid.