Welcome to the Information Revolution

21 Oct

Why TV Party?

Our politicians are corrupt. The ability to publicly promise to take an action, and then change direction behind closed doors, is the largest flaw of our current democratic system. The only way there will be true representation of the people, for the people, is by filming our politicians 24 hours a day. Every meeting, every lobbyist, every decision, every minute. Only then will we have true democracy… When we can see and hold our elected representatives accountable for their actions after the promises have been made.

Welcome to the Revolution…

Join me as I question the very fabric of our culture. Is the Republican/Democratic race free democracy in action or a left/right paradigm? Why is fluoride added to our water supply? Why is the sky riddled with criss-crossing clouds when, as a child, I have no memory of this phenomenon? Do secret groups control society? Was 9/11 an inside job? And so on and so forth. I will question everything, and use reason to determine how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Enjoy the Ride

Maybe you agree with me, maybe you don’t. That is the beauty of a truly free and democratic society. We all have the right to think, feel, and say anything we wish. And right now, I feel that enough is enough. Join me as I throw myself out into the public forum.

Join me as I look to the very top of the pyramid.

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