Fluoride: There is Poison in the Tap Water

7 Jan

Please e-mail John Filion, Toronto Councillor Ward 23 and Chair of the Toronto Board of Health, at councillor_filion@toronto.ca or message him  directly through his website at http://www.johnfilion.ca/contact.php and demand the immediate removal of hydrofluorosilicic acid (fluoride) from Toronto’s water supply. Please feel free to use any piece of the following email I just sent to him:

Dear Councillor Filion,

If a Harvard study proving that there is a 7 point IQ reduction in children exposed to fluoride is not enough for you to call a meeting to reassess the addition of this toxic chemical to our water supply, then what is? Permanent brain damage?.


What are you thinking? If there is any doubt whatsoever that fluoride is potentially harmful, remove it! Immediately!

I feel you should be held personally liable for this intrusion of my rights. Experimenting with my health and the health of our children will not be tolerated.

I demand the immediate removal of this toxic chemical from our water supply.



The anger I feel about being force-fed a drug I did not consent to ingesting is supernatural. John Filion would like to argue that the discontinuation of water fluoridation would result in more costly fluoride rinses in schools… Says who? Which scientist proved this? The simple answer… Nobody. Ask and find out for yourself.

Human beings have been drinking water for 100,000 years and have never needed to artificially increase fluoride levels. So what has changed? If this is such a righteous practice, why does Canada and the United States make up the majority of the world’s water fluoridation while over 94% of the entire world has rejected it? Countries such as China and India are even trying to remove fluoride from their water supplies to reduce the prevalence of harmful skeletal fluorosis which attacks the teeth and bones, let alone the host of other ailments which are now being brought to light from water fluoridation studies.

The bottom line is, I do not and cannot trust a dentist or a politician to recommend what I ingest in my body, especially to prevent a cavity or tooth decay. It is not their place to decide what I ingest and what our children ingest. As long as there is doubt, a person truly concerned about the safety of the public would discontinue the practice immediately until there was irrefutable evidence that there are no short or long term health effects associated with putting a toxic, industrial waste by-product into our drinking water.

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