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Using Science to Prove Chemtrails Are Real

3 Mar

There is no need for war when you control the weather.

I don’t have to convince you that something very strange is happening. Simply look up at the sky… What do you see?

Now, more than likely, you will be witness to supposed commercial aircraft leaving behind massive white trails that linger and spread into clouds turning the whole sky gray. You will be witness to chemtrails.

Not contrails. Chemtrails. This is what a normal contrail looks like:

Contrail Image

Unassuming enough, this image conjures up childhood memories reminding me of what our skies and planes used to look like. Compare this normal aircraft contrail with the following image of a chemtrail:

Chemtrail Image

And when multiple chemtrails are sprayed at the same time, you get an image similar to this picture I took from a plane while landing in Houston, Texas:

Houston Chemtrails

What in the World are the spraying? Why in the World Are they Spraying?

These questions have come to haunt me. The implications of this type of project being carried out on such a large-scale by a business as heavily guarded as the airline industry means that its roots can only come from the very top.

Now there are many people who claim that chemtrails are not real. I have personally spoken with many pilots for example, about the phenomenon. There are some who spew out “facts” from corporate provided brochures. There are others however, whose eyes speak volumes of truth.

Similar to so-called conspiracy theorists who have used science to prove that 10 stories of a building are scientifically incapable of making 100 stories of building below it collapse into dust, luckily, there is no room for opinion in the World of science.

Now for the science:

Myth #1 – Chemtrails Are Persistent Contrails


1) Almost 60 years ago in 1953, a man by the name of  H. Appleman devised a chart that can be used to determine when a contrail would become “persistent” in the hopes to help the military protect bombers from leaving a perfect target trail behind them. Here it is:

H. Appleman Contrail Chart

60 years later however, a lot has changed. Most new commercial jet airliners maintain a height of approximately 35,000 feet during travel. Some more. At 35,000 feet the average temperature is -65 degrees Fahrenheit (or -54 degrees Celsius) with an average air pressure of 250 Millibars (or 3.7 pounds per square inch). Based on Appleman’s chart, almost every new commercial aircraft should leave behind a persistent contrail, but they don’t.

2) Even when, as with the picture in Houston above, there are many “persistent” contrails in the sky, this would still not provide a scientific explanation as to why some planes leave these massive trails, while others do not at the exact same height, in the exact same sky at the exact same time. Or why some planes will suddenly start and stop making trails. How would the theory of temperature and pressure related persistent contrails explain this inconsistency?

3) Why, if the theory of temperature and humidity were true, do we never see “persistent contrails” at night?

Myth #2 – Weather Modification is Not Real


1) In 1977, an international treaty banning the use of environmental modification techniques was opened for signature on May 18th and entered into force on October 5th, 1978.  This Environmental Modification Convention has now been ratified by 76 countries… Why would these many countries waste their time by not only discussing, but coming to agreement on banning the use of weather modification techniques if the threat of weather modification was not real?

2) There are now annual geo-engineering Climate Summits to discuss emergency measures to curb global warming. In 2010 the Telegraph reported that most techniques discussed were by using “high orbital mirrors or by spraying sulphur compounds into the high atmosphere to reflect sunlight away from the Earth.” Still not convinced?

3) The Guardian reported in 2002 on secret germ war tests being conducted on millions of uninformed people using mixtures of biological agents and heavy metals which have still not been completely uncovered by the public. The theory of weather modification may just be the start.

Myth #3 – Chemtrails Are a Conspiracy


Interestingly enough, type “chemtrail” into Google and the 1st result you will see is not “chemtrail” but rather “Chemtrail Conspiracy Theory” from Wikipedia. As well, the “Contrail” page on Wikipedia now only shows pictures of chemtrails as examples of contrails.

Why the deflection? Who is being protected from disclosing the truth about this disgusting practice that is occurring everyday right above our heads without the public being told a thing?

As the Guardian pointed out, not only were human trials being conducted using biological and chemical warfare, the public was not informed about it. Do you think for a second that something has suddenly changed? That you are a not a lab rat in a science experiment? Think about it the next time you look up and make up your own mind when you see the trails for yourself.

Chemtrails Are Real

… and they are destroying your brain, your lungs, your children and our environment with every inhalation of the toxic spray that falls before us.

Want to do something about it?  Start by researching this subject yourself and then please email or call Environment Canada and ask why there are now criss-crosses of plane exhaust in the sky. Please comment below if you are satisfied with the copied and pasted response you will receive back.