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Natural Remedy to Beat the Flu

11 Jan

Forget flu shots… They are filled with garbage that will certainly leave you sicker than if you hadn’t taken them at all. Heavy metals, formaldehyde, MSG and more await your in your next needle. Besides, the flu is similar to AIDS in that it is in a constant state of mutation leaving that flu shot about 6 months behind where it needs to be in protecting you or your family. So what to do?


The Earth contains your remedy. For me, I have not been sick in 2 years and I intend on keeping it that way. My girlfriend’s 84 year old grandmother from the Philippines taught me this ancient Philippine recipe that has helped me ward off the worst of the worst and I am happy to share it with you:


  1. 1 x Full Plastic Package of Fresh Oregano (Preferably Organic)
  2. Fresh Orange (Preferably Organic)
  3. Fresh Lime (Preferably Organic)
  4. Optional: Vodka


  1. Take all the leaves of oregano off the stems in the entire package of fresh oregano from your grocery store.
  2. Place them in a blender
  3. Add half of the orange (Just fruit, no peel)
  4. Squeeze the entire lime of its juice
  5. Optional: Add half shot of vodka.
  6. Blend until fully liquefied and dark green.
  7. Shoot back.
  8. Repeat twice daily until cold or flu symptoms have passed.

This works. Better than any flu shot that’s for sure. The fresh oregano gives your immune system a supercharged boost and wards off any future illness. For best results, do it when you are just getting sick or even after.

Pregnant women should not use this remedy as it may cause contractions.

Please let me know your feedback and please read what is in those filthy flu shots before you let some doctor inject it into your blood when they don’t even know themselves. Let someone inject something into your bloodstream and they don’t even know what they are injecting? Who is crazier? You or them?

And make sure you get enough Vitamin D, exercise and sleep.